We’re a tenacious group of whip-smart folks joined by a single purpose: to Lift our clients, our communities and each other. In our world of building brands to rise above, Lift is everything. 

It’s a powerful force that inspires consumer response. But it doesn’t happen by accident. Lift demands an all-hands-in dedication to collaboration. It seeks insightful strategies born from a deep, fundamental understanding of our clients’ business. And it embraces bold creativity, a necessity in a world where competition for attention is increasingly fierce.


Lift goes beyond business. It’s a doctrine on how we live in our communities and work with one another. It upholds courage, selflessness and passion. Values that inspire us to cheer on our coworkers at the finish line (and the start line), motivate us to support causes that matter to our clients, and inspire us to take time from a busy day to mentor “our” kids at a local grade school. Because we believe Lift grows from courageous, selfless, passionate acts.

We’re more than an ad agency.
We’re the Lift agency.