Interesting Is

In today's world of infinite content and overwhelming messages, people still find a way to pay attention to something they find interesting.


Because interesting engages.

Interesting gets shared.

Most importantly, interesting sells.

Sometimes interesting is funny, sometimes it's educational, sometimes (and for some people) it can be very technical. Interesting means different things to different people.

Our job is to make you interesting
to the right audience ... your audience.

We illustrate that challenge by flipping the line to read:

Everything is

Of course, that doesn't literally mean everything is interesting. But we take it upon ourselves to find out what your customers find interesting about your brand. We don't believe in commodity categories or brands. Those are brands that just haven't told the right story. Because there's always something interesting, whether you're selling a cure for cancer or used mufflers.

Interesting might be on the assembly line. It might be in the research lab. It might be buried in the annual report. Wherever it is, we'll find it. Because while interesting can be many things, to us Interesting is Everything.

A Few Principles We Follow

Big-time business acumen.

As your strategic partner, we always bring the customer perspective to the table, but we earn that seat at the table by knowing the real world business implications of the solutions we put forth. We apply broad business understanding to complicated marketing problems and collaborate with our clients to create ideas that inspire consumer response.

All of the talent. None of the pretentious indoor scarf-wearing.

We’re in Ohio, which is a very normal place where people live in suburban homes, drive minivans, and shop at chain stores — just like your consumers. So we don’t have to discover what the heartland of America is thinking. We just look around.

Strategic strength

Effective work comes from a smart consumer insight translated into a clear, decisive strategy. We dedicate the best and brightest minds in research, creative, media and PR to solving each and every client challenge. This results in smart, effective work for every assignment. Doing stuff just because it’s cool isn’t cool with us.


Yes, we believe in the power of big ideas, but these days a verdict on whether that idea is big or not is quickly and mercilessly handed out by the connected consumer. That’s the way it should be. After all, we’re not making this stuff for us. We’re making it for your customers. And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Personal networks are very powerful things.

In the connected world, there’s a different way to reach mass. When you really know your ideal consumer, you can reach him or her in a meaningful way. If your work resonates with them, it will be rebroadcast across their personal networks to people just like them. With a little luck and a few smart nudges, it can reverberate across the world.