Jason Langdon

Creative Director

Jason loves to play in the world of ideas and then develop them for practical applications, so a career in advertising is a perfect fit for him. His experience in the field has taught him that creativity happens when unrelated ideas are brought together. The key is to not just absorb information and experiences, but to take the time to reflect on them — because this is where unlikely and fantastic connections are made.

Inspired by music, nature, travel and big ideas, Jason holds a B.S. in design from the University of Cincinnati and is the founder of the Cincinnati Maker Faire. At Northlich, he pushes old ideas out of their comfort zones and visualizes new ideas in arresting ways. Jason most recently worked at POSSIBLE for 10 years in various roles including associate creative director. He was responsible for strategy-driven creative and led a team of innovative artists and writers on a number of Procter and Gamble brands, including Vicks, Dreft, Febreze and Downy. Prior to working at POSSIBLE, Jason was an art director with Whittman-Hart Interactive, where he worked on integrated brand campaigns. He also worked at HSR Business to Business (now known as Gyro) and has worked with small and large clients as a freelance designer and art director.

Jason’s healthcare experience includes four years as the digital creative lead for Vicks. He also led the original website design for Simponi (an arthritis drug) and designed the original website and created animated videos for an innovative medical-recordkeeping software. He helped launch a vitamin system as a test for Procter & Gamble.

Outside of work, Jason likes spending time with his wife, two kids, two dogs and three cats at their mid-century modern home on Cincinnati’s west side. He enjoys the outdoors, music festivals, traveling, podcasts that go deep, and science fiction, and aspires to visit Hawaii, the U.K., Peru and New Zealand; he also wants to someday walk the perimeter of the continental United States.