Scott Barnes, CPA

Finance Director

Contemplative, inquisitive and sarcastic, Scott knows that every problem has an answer, and that often the correct approach is not the first one you try.

Scott has always been a numbers guy; in second grade, he believed he invented the decimal system. Scott stayed active throughout school with cross country, bowling and baseball. He graduated high school a year early and attended the University of Cincinnati, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting. He went on to become a sergeant in the Army Reserves specializing in engineering, and he earned his CPA license in 1988.

Scott worked for 14 years in public accounting and tax and has 17 years of private equity experience. A natural problem-solver, Scott loves to find streamlined, clear and effective solutions. He enjoys helping others network and is inspired by his search for the meaning of life. Outside of work, Scott enjoys politics, research, history and reading. He lives in Western Hills with his family and is looking forward to spending his retirement with his wife.