Teresa Martinez

Account Director

There’s nothing Teresa can’t handle. She’s learned that first impressions can just as easily be last impressions, so it’s important to make it count. Teresa recognizes that everyone brings something to the table; she knows how to find it and build a cohesive team. If Teresa is not challenged, she is not growing, so she constantly pursues her goals and understands that some things are worth passing up to meet them.

Teresa enjoys working in advertising because she likes constantly meeting new clients with new challenges. Diligent, resourceful and efficient, Teresa is inspired by entrepreneurs, working moms and boss women around the world. Her first jobs were babysitting and waitressing at Frisch’s; after earning a B.S. in communications and an M.S. in marketing from the University of Cincinnati, she worked at PatientPoint in client leadership and product strategy for pharma brands focused on point-of-care advertising, such as Merck, Pfizer, Galderma, Takeda, AbbVie and more. She also worked at Return on Focus as a marketing strategist, doing sentiment analysis and project management. At Northlich, Teresa ensures quality control and does roadmap development, client review prep and process improvement.

Outside of work, Teresa enjoys walks and visiting parks with her family, taking on DIY projects, and cooking. She aspires to one day visit or live in the Italian countryside.


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