The Best and Worst from the Big Game

Wow. That was as good as it gets. Miracle catch. Goal-line pick. Fourth quarter fistfight in the end zone. Yeah, sure there were also commercials, but they fell far short of being able to compete with the football.

Overall there was a big trend toward emotion, but it wasn’t well done. The spots that went for the heartstrings came across like huge downers (I’m looking at you, Nationwide.)

A few more random comments:

I really wanted to like the Budweiser puppy ad, but it made my 5-year-old daughter cry for 25 minutes, so thumbs down to that.

Snickers was funny. I also liked that idea again when Esurance ripped it off several times.

The Fiat ad was a cheap boner gag. They’re kind of like the Carrot Top of car brands. That said, at least it felt like a Super Bowl ad.

Loctite got my attention. I just wish it had been a little smarter. I don’t love weird for the sake of weird. Except when it comes to the hairstyles of my design team.

The Skittles ad was going for a very Super-Bowly visual gag, and I thought it was funny until my Dad told me how much he liked it. Now I’m questioning my ad opinions and a lot of other things in my life.

I can’t figure out how Clash of Clans has enough money to run a bunch of Super Bowl ads, but they win the Best Use of Liam Neeson Award.

Coke was good. I’m sure they did a bunch of stuff online with it; I just couldn’t muster the energy to find out.

McDonald’s “Pay with Lovin’” seemed like a good idea until I realized that I’d rather pay triple price for my food than call someone on the phone.

Northlich’s Scooter spot for the Ten movement was a crowd-pleaser at my get-together. I’ll bet the national audience would have dug it. Kudos to my team for out-Super-Bowling the Super Bowl spots.

Great ball game, though. An absolute classic. Maybe the commercials during the Oscars will be better.