Change Your Lifestyle.
Keep Your Traditions.

Imagine this …

Every Sunday evening, after the table is cleared and the dishes are washed, you and your family make a trip to your favorite ice cream shop.

With giant chocolate chips and batches made one at a time, Graeter’s, aka the best ice cream ever, conjures up memories of family, friends, excitement and, most of all, tradition. A visit to Graeter’s has come to mean so much more than just a scoop of ice cream.

Now imagine a trip to the doctor that changes everything.

For the 29 million Americans living with diabetes, sweet traditions like Graeter’s can quickly turn into store-bought sugar-free pie.

Not anymore.

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Graeter’s recently introduced a line of low-glycemic ice creams for people living with diabetes. The certified low-glycemic ice creams are naturally sweetened using monk fruit, making it sweet and delicious. Don’t believe it? We did a blind taste test in our office, and most people actually preferred the low-glycemic flavors!

Yes, it’s that good.

Keeping with the Graeter’s tradition of quality, the low-glycemic line has the same rich texture and taste you have grown to love.

No longer does a lifestyle change mean a change in tradition. Whether stopping into a Graeter’s scoop shop, buying a pint at the grocery store or ordering online, Graeter’s fans everywhere are free to indulge.

We know that tradition is important. By offering low-glycemic ice cream to Graeter’s lovers who live with diabetes, Graeter’s can continue to serve all customers the sweet taste of memories.

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