No One has Life-size Posters
of Creative Directors

Peek into the bedroom of Dan Rapp (that’s me) as a 10-year-old, and you’d find a kid staring up at a life-size poster of Cris Collinsworth, one of the Cincinnati Bengals’ most revered wide receivers ever.

Follow that same kid to the backyard, and you’d find him pretending to throw perfect spirals to Collinsworth, who consistently caught them on 4th and long with time running out. (Never mind that my mom wouldn’t let me even consider competitive football. “It’s too dangerous. What about piano lessons?”)

Wait about 30 more years, and you'll find me on a TV shoot with Cris Collinsworth, trying to pretend I'm not starstruck, like I don't still have that poster rolled up in a closet somewhere.

The shoot was for Western & Southern Financial Group, a company we branded as a translator of financial gobbledygook. Collinsworth is Western & Southern’s straight-talking spokesperson.

Our creative concept is called “Good Catch” and plays off Collinsworth’s NFL bona fides. Can Collinsworth catch a drill? A car seat? No problem. How about a coffee table and a baby crib? Without even looking.

In case you’re wondering, Collinsworth is a treat to work with. High energy and low ego, he gladly did take after take as we fine-tuned the technical aspects of throwing absurdly large objects at our sure-handed spokesperson.

In the end, the spots turned out great — clear, simple and charming. And I got quite a thrill when Cris Collinsworth gave me a “good-job” pat on the butt at the end of the shoot.

Mom, I may never play competitive football (and you were right; I would have been crushed). But I got a little taste of what it’s like to celebrate in the end zone with a childhood hero. It’s way better than playing piano.