The Importance
of Brand Transparency

Do you want to gain customers who are empowered, loyal and passionate about your brand? Consider how transparent your brand is now — and how transparent it could be. When real transparency is achieved, the sky is the limit.

As you assess your brand’s transparency opportunities, consider the following.

Know the difference between transparency and authenticity. Transparency means customers have access to information about business practices, without having to fight through hidden agendas. Authenticity is about emotional connections and showing an understanding of how a brand’s services or products make people’s lives better. Brands like Ben & Jerry’s® and Patagonia® are both transparent and authentic.

Don’t wait for a crisis. Too often, it’s a crisis that drives a brand to be more transparent. In 2009, a video of Domino’s® employees doing unhygienic things to their pizza surfaced, adding insult to the poor feedback they were already receiving about their pizza. Domino’s responded with their Pizza Turnaround campaign, addressing the original crisis as well as complaints about product quality. What ended up being a boon for Domino’s is a lesson for other brands: Be proactive about taking steps toward brand transparency and reap the rewards.

Utilize your company’s website and social media pages. It doesn’t take a million-dollar multi-channel campaign to initiate your brand transparency plans. Consider Chipotle. Their website features nutritional information about calories and ingredients as well as a statement highlighting company values, such as sourcing local ingredients and using pasture-raised dairy cows. The Patagonia website divulges information about their factories, textile mills and living wages for employees. And social media pages for any brand provide rich opportunities for answering customer questions quickly and honestly.  


As a Northlich account director, Todd knows that brand-building is both an art and a science. Todd is fueled by finding a brand’s unique and authentic story and allowing it to influence every marketing touch point, creating a strategy that drives brand performance.

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