Northlich Wins Five Awards at the 2016 PRSA Blacksmith Awards



The Cincinnati PRSA Blacksmith Awards celebrate the best work produced by public relations professionals in Cincinnati. The Northlich PR/Social team was honored to receive the top award in two categories, along with two silver and one bronze award.


Best Public Service Announcement  The Ohio Lottery Commission (Problem Gambling) 

Northlich developed a Responsible Gambling marketing campaign designed to explain that compulsive gambling is no longer considered an impulse control disorder, but a disease. Rather than focusing on prevention, Northlich aimed to encourage those in need to seek help. The campaign generated over 180,000 total visits to, along with 259 anonymous emails, 121 calls to the Ohio helpline and 1,937 resource views.

Best Interactive PR Website — The Ohio Lottery Commission (DopaMean’s Revenge)

Problem gambling is an illness that can be hard to understand. It seems simple enough: If you have a gambling problem, just stop gambling. Don’t go to the casino. Don’t buy the lottery ticket. But it’s not that simple. Dopamine, a feel-good chemical released by the brain, pushes problem gamblers to make bad decisions. To demonstrate this, Northlich created an interactive digital game that showed just how powerful and influential dopamine is. The game helped to dramatically increase the amount of time users spent on the Responsible Gambling website, which also offered resources to help people understand and treat their addiction.


Northlich also took home two silver awards for our work with The Ten Movementand LoyaltyOne. We won a bronze award for our work with St. Elizabeth Healthcare.