Year of Lift: Heart Spins

One overcast Saturday morning, a group of advertisers headed to the Purple People Bridge loaded with hula hoops, jump ropes, a playlist, a Bluetooth speaker and a spinning wheel. Sounds like the setup for a joke, eh? But we were off to volunteer at the table sponsored by Northlich for the 2017 HeartChase NKY, sponsored by our client St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

During the weeks leading up to the event, we concepted our heart-healthy activities for a station along this fun and instructive community adventure game. Naturally, we wanted to do something different than previous years. It had to be engaging and appropriate for everyone from tots to seniors. It also had to be fast-paced, since we knew from experience as participants that teams are serious about winning.

We created spinning wheel games where participants spun for their activity: jumping rope, a massage train (a favorite), dancing, hula hooping and jumping jacks. On the next spin, participants answered a question about heart health. They earned their code and moved on — quickly! As we waited for the teams of all shapes, sizes and costumes to arrive at our station, we tried our own skills at hula hooping and jumping rope. And while the dance tunes played, it’s possible we were the most energetic participants.

We were happy to help with such a good cause. The rain held off and the day was beautiful. And we felt good about our little part in making it fun to raise heart rates and awareness of heart-healthy lifestyles. Plus, we discovered the agency’s most extraordinary hula hooper.