Northlich, Socking It to the Community!

In the famous words of Beyoncé, “Who run the world? Girls!” In this case, it’s the Greater Cincinnati branch of Girls on the Run (GOTR).

In June, Northlich was pumped to partner with GOTR, a nonprofit program that encourages young girls to develop positive self-esteem and a healthy lifestyle using a fun, experience-based curriculum that creatively integrates running.

While GOTR provides scholarships to those who cannot afford the program, once in the program, some girls still struggle to acquire basic running essentials — including running socks. This is where Northlich stepped in.

Led by our very own Jill Demboski and Allie Weiss, who have both previously worked closely with GOTR, Northlich hosted its first-ever sock drive. After a month of collecting, we were proud to donate a total of 172 colorful pairs of running socks!

Why did we choose this particular organization? Take it from Allie and Jill!

Allie’s experience:

“Girls on the Run is an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. I started a chapter of the program in 2013 and was head coach for the following three years. The girls I worked with were considered at-risk and greatly benefitted from the scholarships and donations that GOTR provides.

“GOTR cultivates self-awareness and confidence in a way that empowers young girls and gives them tools to be happily and boldly unique. The countless hours I spent preparing for seasons with our girls at practices hold some of my silliest, fondest and most emotional memories. I feel so grateful that Northlich was able to support an organization I so deeply believe in.”

Jill’s experience:

“During my time in college, I was lucky enough to be heavily involved with Girls on the Run through my sorority. I was both humbled and amazed by all of the young girls and women I met through this program. My favorite memory is volunteering at cheer zones on race day. There is nothing more inspiring than the joy and confidence that radiates out of these young girls as they run past you, reaching out for high-fives. My hand might have hurt afterward, but it was well worth it!” 

As part of our Year of Lift efforts, we encourage everyone to join us in lifting our community and the people in it! If you’d like to learn more about how you can volunteer or help with Girls on the Run, view their website for awesome ideas: