Facebook Videos: Tips for Getting More Attention and Better Results

With over 4 billion video views happening on Facebook every day, the need to create attention-grabbing video content is becoming more and more important. We’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind when creating video content for Facebook.    


Native videos start playing automatically as people scroll through their News Feed. Because people tend to scroll quickly on mobile devices, it’s crucial to lead with imagery that will get their attention in the first few seconds — even without sound. Your video intro sets the tone for your entire video, and when done correctly, it can lead to longer viewing times as well as higher engagement rates.

Here are some simple tips for developing a strong video intro.

  1. Get moving. In order to catch someone’s attention as they’re scrolling in the News Feed, start your video with some kind of movement. Far too often, brands include a three- to five-second hold at the beginning of their videos. When the video starts to auto-play, nothing moves. Your audience is likely to keep scrolling and not even realize your post is a video — because it appears to be a still image.
  2. Keep it short. On average, you need to get someone’s attention in the first three seconds of your video. Videos see the highest dropoff rates after four seconds, so skip the long-winded intro and jump right into your video. You don’t want your audience to lose interest early and close your video before getting to the key message.
  3. Experiment with branding. It’s important to include your logo or other branding elements within your Facebook videos, but be careful not to go overboard. Facebook videos are a great way to develop connections with your audience that will eventually drive them to your site or stores. But, if an excessive amount of branding causes them to close your video after only a few seconds, you’ve lost your chance to make any type of meaningful connection. Brands should experiment with different branding placements to determine which style best enhances the experience for their audience while still driving the brand message.


The copy you add alongside your video can play a key role in how it performs. Here are a few tips to help you better leverage your video copy.

  • Tease the video. Use the video copy to tease what the video is about or foster curiosity with an interesting statement.
  • Add a quote. Pull out a key quote from the video and mention it in your copy to provide context and spark interest.
  • Ask a question. A question is a great way to pique interest, especially if it’s one you promise to answer in the video.
  • Provide value.  How will your video make someone’s life better, easier, more fun, etc.? If you convey the value of watching your video, you’ll give viewers an incentive to tune in.   
  • Encourage an action. If there’s an action you want viewers to perform, don’t be afraid to ask. Asking in a creative way can make all the difference.


Video will continue to grow as a storytelling medium for brands. Creating attention-grabbing Facebook videos requires both a powerful intro and well-thought-out copy to achieve the best possible results.

Keep in mind that what works for one brand doesn’t necessarily work for them all — testing is key. It’s important for brands to test different approaches when it comes to Facebook videos in order to see what works for their particular audience.