Introducing Stratos Consulting: Q&A

Northlich recently introduced a new consultancy service for healthcare clients that leverages industry experience and consumer data to help clients succeed. Here, we’ve put together a Q&A that explains the origins of the consultancy and why it’s so valuable for healthcare marketers.

Q: Why and how did Northlich create Stratos Consulting?

A: We created the consultancy to help healthcare clients accurately target specific patient populations with personally relevant messaging. To build Stratos Consulting, we handpicked strategists and members of our client leadership team based on their healthcare experience — which means we’re able to deliver value starting on day one of our engagement with our clients. Because we know healthcare so well, we can see healthcare-specific opportunities that those without such extensive experience might not see.  

Q: How does Stratos Consulting approach healthcare marketing challenges?

A: The core of the Stratos approach is a combination of Northlich’s healthcare expertise with a behavioral-intelligence database representative of 99 percent of U.S. households in our clients’ precise geographies of interest. The ability to target highly qualified patient prospects in their homes by using a robust database is powerful, but Stratos Consulting offers even more: It gives a glimpse into the demographic profile of target populations, including lifestyles, purchase behaviors and social media habits. All of this information, combined with our experience in healthcare and other fields such as CPG, restaurant and retail, inform channel strategies for enhanced holistic messaging and an improved return on marketing investment.

Q: What’s unique about what Stratos Consulting offers?

A: While we are based in data, what’s unique is how we think about and use that data. We focus on behavioral science because we want to know what makes people tick. Sometimes we grab our clipboards and ask people questions in hospital waiting rooms, and sometimes we pore over binders of existing research. Knowing the healthcare space, and knowing why people make the choices they make, is critical to creating work that drives behavior change across multiple audiences. Because of our rich variety of healthcare perspectives and our holistic view that comes from our experience in other realms, we often see opportunities that others may not; this inspires new thinking that creates breakthrough work.

Q: What kinds of challenges can Stratos Consulting help with?

A: We start by asking targeted questions to define exactly how we can best help you. What is your business objective? How can we motivate your specific consumers to behave in ways that will address that business objective? We use qualitative and quantitative research to support a variety of healthcare categories, including hospitals and hospital systems, payers, specialty provider groups, animal health and health-focused consumer brands. We've worked in specialized therapeutic areas ranging from cardiology and cancer to gastroenterology, orthopedics and urology (and a whole lot more in between) — and Stratos Consulting brings all this experience to bear to solve a wide variety of healthcare marketing challenges.