Ohio for Responsible Gambling

ORG takes on the biggest gambling event of the year.

After successfully launching I Lost a Bet a few weeks earlier, Ohio for Responsible Gambling wanted to take the message to the fans of college basketball’s end-of-season gambling tour de force â€“ March Madness.

We took advantage of the opportunity to create a targeted promotion that would resonate with our audience of young male bracketologists.

The campaign was made up of tournament-themed animated pre-roll videos incentivizing viewers to take a break from primary-screen basketball-watching and learn a little more about the dangers of overzealous gambling at the I Lost a Bet website.

With a refreshed look and message, the I Lost a Bet campaign continued to gather steam.

During the 10-day campaign,
site visits leapt from
1,200 per day to 26,000 per day
at its peak.

Most importantly, the increase in traffic meant more at-risk guys were learning about problem gambling than ever before.

the I lost a bet website saw a
1,750% increase
in site traffic.